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 The Basics of Problem Solving

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PostSubject: The Basics of Problem Solving   Mon Jun 02, 2014 6:52 pm

Right now i am pushing a comprehensive guide on how to problem solve. For right now i will link a basic page,

As different problems exist in this world they tend to be patchwork. For example for police to effectively keep the cities safe, we generally think in terms, more police, better police cars and equipment and better responsiveness. While these might all be great ideas, they either happen to be there after the crime has been committed or they might not help you in a way you want them to. If someone were to be stabbed we tend to blame the person rather than the circumstances behind it. If a person steals, we blame that person as well. We put that person away because he/she stole or stabbed someone, but it doesn't really give you an idea of why. We do question the motives of the people after they commit these acts of criminal activity. However we don't attempt to try to prevent this in a sense where if this person might be struggling to pay bills or we get upset with one another because the victim might have done something to upset the attacker.

So we do problem solve, however when someone commits a crime we only ask for more police, better police, better equipment for them. We are not thinking about, well we should also be looking at the other problems, like mental stability, job stability, ect.. if a person is struggling with income we should actively help them out so that way they won't steal, they won't stab someone because they are looking for cash or because the lack of income is not helping their mental status any. So then we don't need more police, better police. It's taking care of the problem before it happens. It might not be 100% preventable one way but that is where if there is even one crime we should take it seriously, see why that person is violent and take care of him and others if they need that particular help. So that way we only have one crime instead of 1000s of people who commit crimes each day.


"Today we have access to highly advanced technologies. But our social and economic system has not kept up with our technological capabilities that could easily create a world of abundance, free of servitude and debt."
"War, Poverty, Corruption, Hunger, Misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system. That is, there will be very little significant change. It's going to take the redesign of our culture and values."
~ Jacque Fresco (The Venus Project)
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The Basics of Problem Solving
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